2020 Best Lifechaser Home Security Door Reinforcement

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  • Keep Your Home Safe 3″ Stop Withstand 800lbs for Inward Swinging Door. It helps prevent doors from being kicked in, increasing your home security and keeping your family safe!
  •  Easy to Install Comes with strong screws. Use powerful screwdriver and drill to mount security door lock on your door frame, for any inward swinging door. The installation takes less than 5mins.
  • Easy to Lock & Unlock Place index finger on top of the door lock and thumb at bottom, slide the lock away from the base plate along the door in the direction of the hinges then pull outward.
  • Childproof Security Door Lock add extra security for children, prevent from opening door to strangers. Please install higher on the door where your children can’t reach!
  • Great Design Features a spring-loaded, child-safe and tamper-resistant design that protects against unauthorized entry by preventing lock bumping and lock picking (while in the locked position).

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✓ Material: Aluminum Construction Finish
✓ Withstands up to 800 lbs of force
✓ Tamper resistant and child-safe design Security
✓ Use on primary entry doors to keep you and your family safe while inside
✓ Keep your home more secure while on vacation by installing these on secondary entrances such as back door or side doors
✓ Prevent lock bumping and lock picking (while in the locked position)
✓ Easy to install with screws (Comes with 3 long and 4 short screws)
✓ Easy to use: Pinch lock from top & bottom, pull towards door, pull lock holder towards you, move to full open position.

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