Best Services Medical Alert System For Seniors – 4G LTE Emergency Alert Detection Service Included

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO HELP 24/7: You are never alone. Two-way voice speaker connects you directly to our highly-trained, professional, quick response call center. No reason to panic- Go anywhere with confidence.
  • GPS, WIFI, & VERIZON 4G LTE NETWORK CERTIFIED: This Triangulation helps aid with tracking and signals. The alarm allows your location to be quickly confirmed in emergencies, whether in bed or on-the-go, within the Verizon 4G LTE Network. DEVICE HAS IT OWN CELLULAR SERVICE, no additional service contract required, all service is included.
  • UP TO 7 DAYS OF USE ON A SINGLE CHARGE: Device is easily laid in charging cradle and fully charged within 3 hours. No hard to connect cords or long charge times that leave you without your device. GPS Tracking may shorten battery life.
  • WATER RESISTANT/SHOWER SAFETY: Can be worn in the shower for added protection in case of slips and falls.

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Emergency Alert Best Services Medical Alert System For Seniors

LTE emergency alert pendant expands your loved ones horizons and enables them to live independently with confidence, by offering them help at the press of a button, anywhere in the US where there is Verizon cellular coverage. Mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) connects users to a UL-Listed emergency care center 24/7, and users speak with specialists via powerful built-in two-way voice technology. Also has optional fall detection. Specialists can send loved ones or emergency services to users.


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